My Favorite Instagrams from Lola’s 21st Month

Last week my littlest turned 22-months-old just as I was coming to terms with the fact that she was already 21-months-old. These last few months of what are considered the baby years are flying by even faster than I imagined they would. Each day Lola’s becoming more independent and expressive of her wants and needs. Each day I find myself breathing a sigh of relief during the moments when she wants to cuddle or lay in my arms. I feel like I’ve been given one more chance to bathe in babyhood and all its magic and I don’t want to miss a moment. At the same time I want to cheer her on as she takes her toddler sized steps inching her way toward “kid” status. While month 22 is now underway I wanted to share a few photos from month 21 because turning 21 is a big deal for little ones too. Take a look:

  • 21-months-old!


    The day Lola turned 21-months-old. That morning the two of us went on a walk to the donut shop.

  • Bubbles


    Catching bubbles is one her favorite ways to spend an afternoon outside.

  • "Sleep baby, sleep..."

    I just can’t get enough of slumbering baby photos. Those hand dimples make me melt.

  • Sisters


    Lola continues to adore her big sister. Here she is giving her a hug after big sister hurt her hands on the monkey bars.

  • Exploring


    Each day she becomes more and more adventurous.

  • Yum!


    Lola loves yogurt. She also loves making us laugh.

  • Splish splash!

    Splish splash!

    A photo from Lola’s splash pad adventure.

  • The two of us

    The two of us

    A #latergram from a morning spent at the park. Her smile warms my heart.

These are just a few photos from month 21. You can see more photos of Lola on my Instagram @hismrshermr.

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