My Favorite Instagrams from Lola’s 18th Month


This week my littlest turned 19 months old. For some reason month 18 felt like a huge deal. For starters, it was closer to two than we had ever been! Month 18 was wildly different than the ones before. Not just because my baby had grown bigger and had become more independent, but because I had made the transition back to work outside of the home. Rather than watching her play and discover all day I was waiting to hear the stories the teachers told my husband when he picked her up — hoping he remembered every detail so that I could hang onto them. How I long for the days of yesterday. But with my longing comes the realization that time is even more precious than I perceived it to be. It is almost as if the minutes, hours and days go by even faster than they did before. In the blink of an eye here we were. Here we are. In this particular month there were fewer photos of captured moments but there was also an increased effort to savor them. To immerse myself in them.

In celebration of month 18 – a month unlike all the rest and yet still undeniably sweet, I wanted to share a few favorite memories. Here are some favorite Instagram photos from month 18:
  • 18-months-old!


    Say Cheese! All smiles and happy to be 18-months-old!

  • Sister love

    Sister love

    Lola loves rubbing our faces. We love it too!

  • My sunshine

    My sunshine

    She makes me happy when skies are grey…

  • Her #Disneyside

    Her #Disneyside

    Despite it not being very clear, I love this photo. She’s still so tiny and yet acting like such a big girl.

  • Kisses


    Morning kisses (her kisses are the sweetest!)

  • "My happy place"

    I will never (ever ever) grow tired of holding my babies in my arms. They truly are my joy.

These are just a few of my favorites. You can see more photos of Lola on my Instagram @hismrshermr.

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