My Favorite Instagrams from Lola’s 13th Month

Tomorrow my sweet Lola turns 14 months! My, have we come quite a ways. It seems like yesterday I was holding her in my arms meeting her face-to-face for the first time. As we move into month 14, I wanted to take a look at some of my favorite moments from this month (I can’t believe it’s almost over!). It’s been a fun one, filled with games of peek-a-boo, hugs and kisses, and some adorable dance moves and silly faces. Of course I’ve also engaged in my fair share of chasing her around the house, picking sippy cups up off of the floor, and reminding her that she doesn’t have to scream for more food instead she can simply sign more :). Take a look at 13 of my favorite Instagrams from month 13.

  • 13 months old

    13 months old

    My sweet Lola on the day she turned 13 months old.

  • Sour face

    Sour face

    This is what happens when you eat a sour blueberry.

  • A little

    A little "morning person"

    This sweet face is a reminder for me to embrace my mornings.

  • People watching

    People watching

    When out and about my baby is quite inquisitive.

  • Grinning


    Hiding behind that pacifier is a budding grin. How we love making her smile.

  • Helping hands

    Helping hands

    On this particular morning Lola spent the day helping me catch up on emails.

  • Smelling flowers

    Smelling flowers

    A friend brought us flowers and the two of us took turns smelling them.

  • Talking on the phone

    Talking on the phone

    Something tells me she is modeling my behavior. Even so, it is awfully cute watching her talk on the phone.

  • Playing with Daddy’s badge

    Playing with Daddy’s badge

    Despite having a diaper bag full of toys all Lola wanted was to play with her daddy’s badge.

  • Serious face

    Serious face

    Miss Lola is quite serious about her snacks (Sometimes. Other times she is throwing them on the floor or sharing them with our dog).

  • Story time with big sister

    Story time with big sister

    Reading books is one of our favorite pastimes. Big sister loves reading Lola stories and Lola seems to enjoy it too.

  • Playing with sister’s kitchen

    Playing with sister’s kitchen

    Lola has begun to show an interest in “dramatic play.” Watching her play is so much fun.

  • Sister photo shoot

    Sister photo shoot

    Taking these two to get their photos taken was such a sweet moment.

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