My Favorite Family Names for Baby

Hispanics tend to use the same names for many family members. Names get passed from father to son or mother to daughter all the time. I think there’s something special about this tradition. I love that we honor older family members by bestowing their names on our children. I wanted to share some of my favorite names from my own family that have been passed down through the years. 

  • Carmen: I just love this name. My grandmother’s name is Carmen, her daughter (my aunt) is Carmen, and my daughter’s middle name is Carmen. All of these women are so special and strong. I also love that the name means “garden.”
  • Alexander: This is my husband’s name, and we decided that our son’s middle name would also be Alexander. It also happens that my oldest sister’s middle name is Aleksandra.
  • Maria: There are so many Marias in my family. Almost every woman in my family has Maria (or a variant) somewhere in their name. This is because we come from a Catholic background, and it’s their way of honoring the Virgin Mary.
  • Vilma: I really love this name. My paternal grandmother’s name was Vilma, and the name has been passed down to one of my aunts and a cousin of mine. I like that this name is unique.
  • Francisco: This name runs in my mom’s side of the family. My grandfather, uncle, and cousin all carry this name.

Are there any names that run in your family?

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