My Favorite Daddy Daughter Moments Captured

Father’s Day is this weekend and in honor of this special day, I decided to get all sappy and nostalgic and scroll through my phone’s camera roll to compile my most favorite Daddy Daughter moments between my husband and our little lady. It was hard narrowing them down because there were so many sweet snaps in the mix! But, here are my absolute favorites…

  • First photo

    First photo

    This is my all-time favorite photo of my husband and our daughter. You can just see the pride beaming from his eyes and the pure elation over being a first-time father.

  • Beach kisses

    Beach kisses

    I can hardly believe how tiny my little baby looks in the strong arms of her daddy during our very first family beach trip. Seems so long ago!

  • Shoulder rides

    Shoulder rides

    There is nowhere in the world quite as great as Daddy’s shoulders.

  • Big girl bike

    Big girl bike

    I love seeing my husband teaching our daughter to do new things, like riding her “big girl bike”.

  • "Sparky!"

    Seeing them enjoy new things together is always magical.

  • Piano playing

    Piano playing

    My husband used to play piano as a kid and it’s sweet to see him sit down and play with her when we visit our in-law’s and their piano.

  • Afternoon puzzles

    Afternoon puzzles

    One of my favorite things that my husband does with our daughter is simply spending time with her when he comes home from work. Once his stuff is set down and his shoes are off, he and our daughter usually do something fun together. It’s not usually anything extravagant…playing with puzzles or dolls, visiting our chickens, or chasing each other around the house. She loves that he stops his day to pay attention to her.

  • Pumpkin hunting

    Pumpkin hunting

    Our yearly family pumpkin hunting tradition. Daddy helped her choose the perfect one – just her size!

  • It's a Small World

    It's a Small World

    Our first trip as a family to Disneyland was magical. It was so special seeing my husband as he got to see Disney through our daughter’s little toddler eyes.

  • Petting zoo

    Petting zoo

    Petting goats in Frontierland during our Disneyland vacation. Fern was a little nervous at first, but my husband helped her to be brave.

  • Story time is her favorite time

    Story time is her favorite time

    Every night, after pajamas and brushed teeth, it’s story time with Daddy…her most favorite time of the day.

  • First ferry ride

    First ferry ride

    Enjoying her first ferry ride as we traveled to Canada. Her first time out of the country as well!

  • Having a heart to heart

    Having a heart to heart

    Sometimes we have to have heart to heart talks with our little ones and I remember this one where my husband had to talk to our girl about not sharing her food with our dog. He’s always so patient and gentle when explaining things. It was just too sweet not to snap a photo.

  • Enchanted Forest

    Enchanted Forest

    This was a sweet day. Fern’s first trip to a local theme park here in Oregon: Enchanted Forest. It’s definitely no Disneyland, but it was fun seeing my husband show her the attractions he enjoyed as a kid.

  • Making cappuccino like Daddy

    Making cappuccino like Daddy

    For Christmas Fern got a play espresso machine “just like Daddy’s!” and now she loves taking it out and pretending to make cappuccinos for him.

  • "I wanna ride the skateboard!"

    Out of the blue the other day she asked to ride the skateboard that’s been in our closet for ages. Her Daddy was happy to oblige.

  • First snow

    First snow

    My husband was over the moon to show her her first snow and Fern was just as happy to enjoy it.

  • Hot swimming pool

    Hot swimming pool

    We have a hot tub that we keep cool enough for our little one to go in and going in the “hot swimming pool” with Daddy is one of her most favorite pastimes.

  • Getting warmed up

    Getting warmed up

    After a family trip to the beach where Fern ran with wild abandon straight into the chilly Pacific, Daddy was quick to share his clothes with his girl while she got warmed up.

  • Basketball bonding

    Basketball bonding

    The other day Fern crawled up on the couch by my husband and said, “Let’s be cozy and watch basketball together”. She truly does know the way to his heart.

  • Pre-bed time snuggles

    Pre-bed time snuggles

    The sweetest snuggles always happen just before bed time. I’m pretty sure I have at least 20 photos of them reading bedtime stories together, but this one is my absolute favorite.

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