11 Baby Boy Names That I Loved, but Didn’t Make the Cut

When I get complimented on Baylor’s name, I always say, “Thank you! It was literally the only name my husband and I agreed on!” That is 100% the truth. We didn’t name Baylor until he was born but it wasn’t for lack of trying. The whole 10 months of pregnancy, I would compile list after list, send countless texts to my husband, and read baby name books every day. The only name we agreed on was Baylor.

While I am so glad that we chose that name, I found a lot of names along the way that I really loved, but that my husband denied pretty quickly. Here are some of my favorite names that didn’t make the cut.

  • Abram


    I have a thing for biblical names. Also, we can’t forget about Honest Abe. I thought Abram would be a strong choice for a name.

  • Bronson


    This is one of those names that aren’t really a name. Which I really like. I like that it isn’t something you would hear often.

  • Brooks


    This name, to me, is a gender neutral type of name. I always like the idea of a neutral name!

  • Dainan


    I ran across this name browsing the internet. It had a ring to it that I liked. It is a little out of the norm.

  • Fynn


    The name “Finn” was all the rage when I was pregnant, so of course this name was a frontrunner for me.

  • Griffin


    Someone suggested this name to me when I was pregnant, and it caught me by surprise when I actually grew to love this name.

  • Jonas


    I secretly wanted my baby's name to begin with a J. You know, since my name starts with a J and all. Ha!

  • Myles


    I was obsessed with a show that one of the main characters name was Myles while I was pregnant. It stuck with my I guess.

  • Quinn


    The name Quinn is said to represent “wisdom and knowledge.”

  • Sawyer


    The name Sawyer had an eclectic feel to it that I really liked.

  • Titan


    I really wanted a strong name for our baby. I don’t think names get much stronger than this one.


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