My 15 Favorite Baby Names That May Never Get Used

As my second pregnancy is approaching its final weeks, there is a tiny bit of finality about it that is hanging in the air. I don’t want to say that we’re for sure done having babies, but in my heart I can’t really imagine having more. My husband would love to have a whole brood of little ones (realistically he’d love four), but I always had my heart set on two. Aside from that, as much as I love my children, I don’t particularly love being pregnant and with my 30th birthday falling just a couple of months after my son’s arrival, it kind of just seems like a good stopping place. One thing that does entice me to have more little ones is the prospect of coming up with more baby names. I know it’s not a good reason to have more babies, but I do love baby names and I still have so many favorites that never got to be put to use. I figured that since we’ve already got a name chosen for our little guy, I’d share some of my favorite baby names…the ones that may never get used and that I’m still a little sad about. If we do end up having more kiddos, these are the names we’ll be considering.

My Favorite Baby Names That May Never Get Used

*Clarke – This is a family name and was runner-up for our baby boy. It may still get used as a middle name, though I’m not totally sold on it with our first name pick. This name is such a great little man name. Classic, but unexpected.

*Clover – My husband never liked the name Clover because it sounded too much like an Etsy shop when paired with our daughter’s name. Sisters named Fern and Clover might be a bit too much, but I still think it’s lovely.

*Alder – This is one of my all-time favorite baby names. I’ve loved it forever and pushed for it for a little girl (it’s great for a boy too though), but my husband wasn’t a fan. I love that it’s a plant name and the name of a street in Portland!

*Jeanne – This is my husband’s grandmother’s name. We probably would’ve used this as a middle name if we’d had a girl and I really loved it with Alder. Isn’t Alder Jeanne the cutest? We may never have another girl though, so it just might not get used.


*Alice – This was my top pick for a girl this time around. It’s my husband’s grandmother’s middle name and I love it. It’s a quirky, little old lady name that hasn’t really come back into popularity again yet (much like my daughter’s name). I adore the name and if we have another girl, this name will likely be happening.

*Lark – This was my second favorite for a little girl. I love that it’s sweet and whimsical, but not overly cutesy. It would be a pretty name for a girl to grow into.

*Juniper – I loved the name Juniper for a little girl and since I’m due in June I thought it would make June the most perfect nickname!

*June – I also just liked the name June on its own. A classic little girl’s name for sure.

*Eleanor – I wanted to use this as my daughter’s middle name, but we ended up coming up with a name we liked even better.

*Timber – My husband instantly vetoed this name as Portland’s MLS team is called The Timbers and he didn’t want people to think we named our kid after a sports team, but I still love it and I think it could be cute for a boy or a girl.

*Ambrose – I had the sweetest little boy named Ambrose in my preschool class when I was a teacher and I’ve always loved the name ever since.

*Marni – I LOVED this name. It means “rejoice” in Hebrew and it’s not commonly used. I was instantly smitten when I heard it. The only problem? We have a dog named Marley. A little too close, which would probably make it confusing for our daughter and for friends and family.

*Verity – The meaning of Verity is “truth” and I love that it’s so strong and still such a pretty name. I’ve definitely considered this as a middle name for a little girl.

*Elowyn – Elowyn was the full name of author E.B. White and I think it’s so pretty and unexpected. I also thought it would’ve been cute paired with our daughter Fern’s name, since Fern Arable was a character in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web.

*Linden – I had a serious crush on this name for a long while for a little girl, but it’s the name of a character on a TV show we watch and I didn’t necessarily want our child to share the character connotations with her. I do think it’s lovely though.


What are the names on your baby names list that you never got a chance to use?

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