My Crazy Nesting Shenanigans That Changed Everything

Home makeover shows hath no fervor like a preggo mama nesting. When that instinct kicks in, it is the real deal. If you want something done, write it on the to-do list of a nesting mom-to-be. She’ll never notice and will get the job done with motherly care and perfection.

I’ve nested before in my previous pregnancies. In my first pregnancy I found out my daughter’s gender specifically so that I can prepare her nursery. Washing, folding, and hanging clothes; assembling the crib and dresser; shopping for cute accessories; I did it all while nesting. Second pregnancy rolls around and I’m painting rooms, removing closet doors to rearrange furniture, and taking part in DIY projects for the nursery. With each pregnancy, I became more and more eager to prepare my nest. But with this fourth and final pregnancy, my nesting has kicked into super sonic overdrive.


Never have I ever completed more tasks, projects, DIYs, home improvements than I have in these past few months of my pregnancy. Not a single corner of my house has been left untouched or unnoticed. If I couldn’t do it, you better believe I hired some help!  A plumber to fix the leaky kitchen sink and replace the water heater. An organizer to help clear out clutter and make space for Baby. Housekeeping to make the house sparkle from top to bottom when I reached the point of barely being able to tie my own shoes. My dad to assemble a picnic table for my girls and hang a chandelier. Wait, what? A chandelier? But I live in a rental!

I’m flying through my Pinterest pins at an alarming speed. It took 3 desks, but I finally found the perfect one for my home office. After nearly a year of owning my dream area rug, I finally rolled it out in my living room. Window treatments have gone up in nearly every single room in the house. Our ugly and neglected backyard is starting to look like the ultimate play area for my daughters, complete with a rainbow hopscotch, vegetable garden beds, and huge a picnic table for enjoying meals and crafts outdoors. I’ve purged through the entire house getting rid of excess everything!

Not only have I nested it up in our home, my nesting was in full effect when I was overseas visiting family. I helped my sister and mother-in-law each organize their kitchens. Much to my niece’s annoyance, clean out her room. I keep trying to get my hands on my little sister’s room, but she keeps it secured with lock and key. Oh the things I could do if I had access to it!

Why all the nesting? I’m expecting some very important and special company. A new baby! The last baby to join our family. It almost feels like I’m welcoming the first baby all over again, except now I know all the important things that need to be done and I’m getting them checked off my list. I’m a pretty seasoned mom. I know that “free time” will come at the cost of $10 an hour for babysitting. I know that I’d be lucky to get through my daily tasks let alone stain a picnic table or hang some new art on the walls. And I can completely forget about pulling out the sewing machine just for the sake of sewing up something cute. The time to get things done is now!

I most definitely did need a new sofa that will seat all my wonderful family and friends that come to greet our newest addition. An emptied out garage turned part playroom, is perfect for playtime away from the napping baby. The new dining room chairs? Well, those just make me happy and a happy mama makes for a happy home.

My house hardly looks like it did at the beginning of my pregnancy. Some changes were subtle like swapping out the table runner on my entry console. While others were pretty noticeable like our backyard transformation. Every task, small and large, made me feel more prepared for the arrival of our baby.  Even if it had absolutely nothing at all to do with the baby, I felt much better once it was complete. I don’t think Baby will care about the new rug in the nursery, but tightening the crib that was first used for my oldest was priority number one.  My little one already has an impressive collection of giraffe booties, but it’s the space in the dresser for its itty bitty newborn clothes, makes sure that Baby has its place in our home.

Tomorrow I take on the task of freezer cooking! My first attempt into the world of make-ahead meals. I’m truly blown away by the extent of my nesting and how much I’ve accomplished. I just wish there was some way to bottle this all up to use throughout the rest of the year. With all this nesting, I’m convinced my birth story will begin something like, “I was outside repairing the fence when I felt my first contractions…”

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