My Child Refuses to Go in the Playpen

It gets worse as the days go by — Little L screams her face off when we put her in the playpen in our family room. The only place she can roam freely is in the playroom, but when we are upstairs we have to keep her safe.

She grunts. She screams. She cries. She shakes the playpen. And now, she has started to climb the sides. YIKES! My sweet girl is transformed into a very angry baby and usually I have to stand by her for a few minutes and assure her that I’m not running off. Still, it’s not been easy — she’s never been to clingy but lately she only wants me.

I’m sure it’s no fun being stuck in there, but I suppose it’s part of a baby’s life. Sorry Little L, we all had to go through it. And it’s not that bad, right?  You have fun toys and M is always near you — just please don’t give me the evil eye!

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