My Child Doesn’t Want to Sleep!

HELP, this is no joke!

My child FIGHTS off sleep.

She is absolutely exhausted, crying, rubbing her eyes, rolling around, and will not sleep. Nap times are a struggle, and she prefers the 15-minute power naps. I can just hear her saying, “But mami, sleep is for the weak.”


This is just unacceptable! And if you try to pick her up to rock her, she instantly wakes up even more and wants to play. She won’t take a dummy (good and bad) and it’s very difficult to calm her.

She is still waking once at night, but honestly, it’s like she wants to party. She’s 8 months now and my husband and I just want to be able to sleep through the night and take a long afternoon nap. I don’t know if she’s just fussy, if there is something we can try. I guess we are not used to this — our son slept (and still sleeps) like a rock.

She is so sensitive, that I’m scared to go to the bathroom when she is sleeping because just walking past her bedroom then opening the door wakes her.

So I’m putting this out there — how do you get your babies to sleep more than 15-30 minute naps?

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