My BEST Piece of Advice for Breastfeeding Trouble

I recently had my 3rd baby. When you’re on #3, you begin to think that you’re an expert. Sleeping? Diaper changes? Nursing? I got this. I’ve done this before. I’m a know-it-all.



It’s true, that things are easier when you’ve experienced them before. But it’s also true that you still might not know it all. Margot is almost 4 weeks old now and has been breastfeeding exclusively since birth. She figured out how to eat on day #2 and has been going strong since. The first couple of weeks, I experienced some pain and discomfort while she nursed. It was nothing I hadn’t experienced before. I assumed it would go away after my body and she and I got used to it, just like it did with my other 2 girls. By week 3, the pain was getting worse. It hurt so bad when she latched on and I had shooting pains running through my breasts 24/7. Since I had done this before, I knew something wasn’t right. I knew I needed to get help.

First, I did my own research. I googled and read articles all about pain while breastfeeding. I tried every tip I read for healing sore nipples, but still, nothing was working and I was only experiencing more pain. By this point, I did the smartest thing ever and called my local lactation consultant. I made an appointment with her so we could figure out the problem.

Friends, making that call was the best thing I could have done. These people know what they are doing! It only took 30 minutes for the lactation consultant to figure out what was causing me pain. And it turns out, it wasn’t just 1 problem, but 3! I had a breast infection, my daughter had a very prominent upper lip tie, and because of it, her latch was poor. During my appointment, the LC prescribed me an antibiotic for the infection, showed me how to get a better latch, and referred us to a doctor who could give us more information about Margot’s lip tie.

You see? Even though it’s my 3rd time going through all of this, I am not the expert. I needed help. And I’m so thankful I made the call when I did.

If you are experiencing any type of problem while breastfeeding, do yourself and your baby a favor and CALL THE LACTATION CONSULTANT!


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