Making Special Mother-Daughter Memories

I adore both of my parents, but there is something magical about the relationship I have with my mother.

I am the oldest of three and all of my life I have been my mother’s “mejor amiga” (best friend)We have always been confidants and we have never had a falling out or any major turmoil — even during the oh-so-dramatic teenage years! Now with my daughter, those feelings of absolute love and respect for her have come rushing back to me.


Our special relationship began in the early years — she depended on me more than most parents do on young children. We had moved to the U.S. from Chile. She didn’t speak EnglisThen And Now Mother Daughter Memoriesh, and her parents were far away, so we became each other’s support system — she as my protector, I as her helper, and together as friends. She made sure to create special mother-daughter moments, which to this day are vividly clear and leave no doubt as to her dedication and love for me.

This weekend was the first time I was completely alone with my daughter Little L, and I felt an overwhelming wave of love come over me when we found ourselves quietly looking at each other without all of the day-to-day craziness surrounding us. Not that I love my son any less, but I thought “Wow, this is OUR time. This is the beginning of OUR story.” I can only hope that 30 years from now she will look back and happily remember all of the beautiful mother-daughter moments we have created and find her heart bursting at the seams with love and respect for me as I do with my mamá.

Of course she won’t remember these baby days, but I will make sure to let her know that she was adored very single day — especially on that very sunny Sunday afternoon in spring 2013, sitting on our front steps of our home. My heart was overflowing with pride and pure AMOR for MY best girl.

Mamá te adoro.

Little L you are my world.

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