My Baby’s Favorite Person – Herself!

We have this ongoing joke in our house that my baby’s favorite person is herself. The reason for this is because we have a near impossible time getting her to smile for pictures unless she is looking at herself. She grins and giggles and laughs out loud, kisses her face on the screen (or a mirror) constantly.

I am pretty sure she knows it’s herself, but there’s also a good chance she thinks she has a best friend in the phone that looks exactly like her. Check this out.

  • river-selfie-01

    Cute Smiles

    These pictures are when she's looking at herself in the phone. Witness the cute smiles.
  • river-selfie-02


    And then there's her absolute favorite activity: looking at herself in my phone and taking pictures of herself. I have a hundred blurry ecstatic pictures like this one that she took.
  • river-not-smiling

    No More Smiles

    Don't believe me? Check out this example of what she does when we're trying to take a pic of her and she isn't looking at herself. Note that there were about 10 people behind me trying to get her to grin. See how positively unamused she is? She grins and laughs a lot, but for pictures? She has to be grinning at the prettiest thing in the room. Clearly.


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