My Baby’s Daycare Checklist

This week we are testing the daycare waters in an effort to help prepare Lola for my return to work. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a little one in daycare and since I’ve worked at one (in college I worked at the Children’s Center on campus). I find myself trying to recall what that time was like in my life. It wasn’t just frenzied mornings and last minute searches for binkies (pacifiers) and a diaper bag packed with more supplies than necessary. It was a chance to establish a routine something I always struggle to do when at home, a chance to perfect the art of goodbye kisses and gigantic hugs at the end of the day (trying to see the positive).

Yesterday I went to Target to pick up a few things that I didn’t already have (extras of) at home. Now that we’ve passed the year and a half mark I’m no longer stockpiling baby essentials like I had been. I’ve got some labels and I’ve started sticking them onto her belongings. Some things will remain in the classroom while others will come home with her each day. Here’s what I packed in Lola’s backpack:

  • Binkies – Lola still uses a pacifier, primarily for nap time, so we are packing it. I packed two because nothing is worse than searching everywhere for a missing pacifier to the tune of a screaming little one.
  • Crib sheet – A sheet to cover her cot during nap time
  • Straw cup – Lola currently drinks from a sippy or straw cup so we are sending a couple of those with her
  • A lovie – A lovie so she has something familiar with her as well as something to cuddle with at naptime.
  • Blanket – For naptime
  • Diapers – A must have
  • Wipes – Another diapering essential
  • Diaper cream – We have made it this far without a diaper rash but I still wanted them to have some ointment handy
  • Extra clothes – For accidents and messes. I love that her new school lets little ones get messy! Paint, bubbles and water play (when it’s warm) oh my!
  • Sunscreen – Sun protection is a must. Although I apply it before we leave in the morning, there will be times when reapplication is necessary
  • Snacks – A favorite snack just in case they serve something that Lola doesn’t or isn’t able to eat
  • Bibs – Lola typically takes her bib off but it’s worth a try if it means they won’t have to change her clothes immediately following every meal (is that wishful thinking?)
  • Sweater and Coat – Since it’s a little chilly out I packed a light sweater and a coat.

I’m trying not to go overboard as I know a cubby can only hold so much. For those of you who have a little one in daycare is there anything I’m forgetting?

p.s. I’d still love your advice on helping prepare my little one.

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