My Baby Loves Her Big Sister

My baby takes two naps a day and my older daughter does her quiet time during the second nap. They go to bed at the same time and usually wake up within 30 minutes of each other (and if one of them sleeps in, it’s almost always the baby).

So I spend very little time with just my baby – the older sister is almost always around too.

A few weeks ago, my toddler fell asleep during her quiet time, and that nap went on and on and on. My baby woke up at her normal time.

I thought my baby would be delighted to have my full attention, and we went down to the playroom together and I read her a few books. After about 10 minutes, she started to get pretty fussy, so I fed her a snack. She ate a few bites, but then immediately began her whining again.

We went back to the playroom and played with building blocks. She still wasn’t happy.


I picked her up and snuggled her, I carried her around the house, I sang her songs. Nothing seemed to cheer her up. She wasn’t sobbing, but she definitely wasn’t happy.

Finally, an hour later, Ella woke up and made her way downstairs. Immediately, my baby was all smiles. She laughed at Ella’s antics, she ate a snack while Ella ate hers, they played with those same blocks together (the ones that had been very unsatisfactory 45 minutes earlier). She happily and easily made it to bedtime.

I had no idea that Ani so enjoyed having Ella around or that she would miss her so much when she’s gone, but it absolutely warms my heart. I had no idea watching them play together would bring me such joy.

Sisters who love each other

Good thing Ani doesn’t know that two days a week, Ella goes to preschool during Ani’s morning nap.

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