My Baby Grew Fins!

Although this is not Baylor’s first summer, this is his first summer as a toddler. This year, it took him a little bit to warm up to the pool, but now that he is fully reacquainted with it we can hardly get him out! He is a full on “water baby” these days.


As you can see, his float is about as big as him. BUT the second we get around the pool, he is eager to put it on.

Like any other mom, having a toddler around a pool can make me a little weary. His first few visits to the pool were pretty short due to the fact that I couldn’t relax long enough for him to really enjoy it. I am a full stage 5 clinger when we get near any body of water. Add the concrete that surrounds the pool, and I am a full-on crazy person. But every trip to the pool gets a little easier. I get less nervous as he learns to navigate around the pool and learn to hold his breath when he wants to splash in the pool.

So far, he has learned to float on his back, kick his legs behind him to splash, and we are slowly working on paddling with his arms. His mind is like a sponge these days, and watching his knowledge grow physically is a fun sight to see!

Some of my best memories from my childhood are the days that were spent in the pool with my siblings. Learning to let go and let Baylor explore is something that I struggle with daily, but I want him to be able to make memories like the ones that I cherish so deeply. There is no greater feeling than watching the innocence and happiness that he has when he is splashing around in the pool!

Fellow mamas, what are some fun activities that you do with your toddler in the pool?

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