My 20-Week Ultrasound

You’d think that being pregnant for the third time, I’d be more relaxed. You’d think I’d be an expert on all things pregnancy and childbirth and that I wouldn’t have a single worry. But the truth is, this third time has been the most nerve-wrecking pregnancy of them all…

With pregnancy comes some irrational fear that everything is going to go wrong. When you know just how detailed and intricate the making of a baby is, it seems like something (even something minor) would mess up along the way. With two healthy pregnancies and two healthy babies ahead of me, I thought that this pregnancy, this third baby, would surely be the problematic one. Surely something would go wrong this time.


When I had my 20-week ultrasound, I was a nervous wreck. My palms were sweaty. My body was jittery. And instead of being a Chatty Cathy like I usually am, I laid there in silence, holding my husband’s hand. As the ultrasound technician rolled her wand over my belly, she pointed out all of the parts. Here’s the brain. Here’s the different sections of her brain. Here’s her eyes. Her nose. Her chest. Her heart. The 4 chambers of her heart… She went on and on and on, commenting on how perfect and “just fine” our little baby was.

“From what I can tell here, your baby is right on track, developing and healthy,” she said.

What a relief! I couldn’t believe it. All of my fears and worries were pointless. This little babe was doing well, just as she should. Before we left, my husband and I wanted to find out the sex of our baby. We found out with the other 2 and felt like we had to this time around, as well.

Since I have two daughters already, I had hoped and assumed that we’d be welcoming a baby boy into our family. If our odds alone weren’t enough, I kept reminding myself that in my family, there have been 7 girls born in the past 4 years. No boys. 7 girls. Surely the chances of a boy would be in our favor.

“It’s another little girl,” she said.

I was shocked! And quite honestly, a little bit relieved. Even though I thought I wanted a boy this time around, the thought of having 3 daughters sort of melted me. I had 2 daughters already and 1 more would make our family complete.

There’s nothing like becoming a mother and welcoming a new baby into your world. All at once you are filled with anxiety and hope beyond measure…

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