What Motherhood is Like vs. Pre-Baby

Your life before baby vs. your life after baby. Your life before and after. The days of not taking yourself incredibly seriously, being a bit immature, having less responsibility, and living for only yourself.

Then, you welcome a sweet little one into the world and you realize the transition that has taken place. The magnitude of what has occurred.

And you wouldn’t change it for anything.

  • the love

    The Love

    There is no way to describe to someone the love they will experience as they welcome their new little person into the world. There is nothing more magical or more powerful.

  • the trade

    The Trade

    I might be trading girl’s nights for early-to-bed nights and diaper changes. But the love and sacrifice is a fair trade for what these little ones give to us.

  • errands


    Even stopping at the grocery store or running a few errands changes after baby. But who doesn’t love having a little one smiling at you in the buggy when running to pick up a quick loaf of bread!

  • watching him change

    Watching Him Change

    No doubt that relationships change when you bring a baby into the mix, but is there anything more beautiful than being in a relationship and seeing your man become a dad? It’s incredible.

  • forever changed

    Forever Changed

    Post-baby, we are forever changed. We forever have a piece of our heart walking around outside our body. And to me, there is no greater gift.

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