The Motherhood Memories I Treasure

Some days motherhood is hard…really hard. The job can feel overwhelming at times and with young ones, it can often feel more than a bit thankless. In the midst of these challenging moments though, I have been so blessed to experience many more beautiful moments. I have been given so many sweet moments and memories to treasure.


Recently I was feeling overcome with defeat at the end of a long day. Nothing seemed to be going right, so after my babies were in bed, I sat down at my desk to write. I do this often, since post-bedtime is my only guaranteed window for uninterrupted writing time, but this night, instead of writing for work, I simply wrote for me. I wrote – pen to paper – the things I love about my children and some of my most treasured motherhood memories from their childhoods thus far. Here are a few…The Motherhood Memories I Treasure

Those first minutes of new motherhood with both of my children. As I hugged their tiny, slippery bodies to my chest and soaked up every last detail of their brand new beings and knew that my life would forever be changed…both times.

The look of pride on my daughter’s face when she successfully fed herself an entire meal with fork and spoon.

My son’s first taste of foThe Motherhood Memories I Treasureod. The way he wrinkled up his little nose in confusion at the taste of something that was not breast milk. He was pretty unsure of those avocados, but he quickly grew to love a good meal.

The first time my husband took our daughter on a daddy/daughter date. Sweetness overload.

The first time my children met. In the wee hours of the morning, my daughter came into our bedroom to meet her brand new baby brother. As she gently nuzzled his head and cooed, “Ooohhh! He’sThe Motherhood Memories I Treasure sooo cute!” my heart just about burst with happiness.

Swaddling my babies and rocking them to sleep in my great grandmother’s rocking chair each and every night. The sound of white noise and the creaking of wood floor boards under rockers will forever make me nostalgic for the newborn days.

The Motherhood Memories I Treasure


The first time I took my daughter to Disneyland. The look of pure joy on her face when she met Minnie Mouse for the first time at a mere 15 months old. Quite possibly one of my most favorite moments of all time.

The first time my son took a bath without crying. Turns out he just needed the company of a few good friends (a.k.a. bath toys)! I loved seeing the look on his face turn from sadness and anger to pure elation.

My son’s first steps. Just when I thought I might be toting him around on my hip for the rest of his life, those sweet, toddling steps came. We all clapped The Motherhood Memories I Treasureand cheered and the beaming grin that radiated from his face is a sweet moment etched into my memory.

My daughter’s first laugh. She was such a stoic baby and was not easily impressed. We tried our hardest to solicit a giggle for months and one day – at around 5 months – she let out the deepest, most gruff little giggle you ever heard. Pure music to my ears.

These are just some of the memories that I have banked for a rainy day; the memories that I draw upon when we are having a particularly rough day. On the days when my 13-month-old is teething and his 3-year-old big sister is driving me a bit crazy…these are the moments that remind me of exactly why I wanted to become a mother in the first place and return me to a place of gratitude for all of the wonderful I am experiencing in my life.

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