Favorite Picks from the 200 Most Popular Baby Names in 2017

While 2017 is a little more than halfway over, a lot of babies have been born in the first part of the year. And that means there are a lot of babies to name. The baby name website Nameberry has released its list of the most popular names of 2017 so far, based on the names that got the most views on their site during the first half of the year.

The list is 100 names long for both boys and girls, which gives you plenty of options if you’re looking for some inspiration for your upcoming arrival. I’ve been checking out the list, and here are 20 names that stuck out to me.


Maeve – I’ve been hearing this name a lot lately (which shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as it’s number 21 on the list) and I’ve really fallen in love with this legendary Irish name.

Hazel – A unique yet popular name that means “the hazelnut tree.” This name is simple, yet fascinating, and is sure to get a lot of compliments.

Nora – This Irish name that means “light” is a beautifully feminine name.

Imogen – This has always been a favorite name of mine. Not only for its uniqueness, but also for its Shakespearean background in England.

Arabella – A name that is close to breaking the top 10. It’s elegant and beautiful.

Evelyn – This name made the biggest jump on the list this year, so don’t be surprised if you start hearing it more often.

Caroline – A classic name that will always remain popular. It’s been in the top 100 since 1994, and I don’t see it going anywhere.


Elise – This is my sister’s middle name, and while she spells it differently, this name has always been close to my heart.

Mae – A short and simple name that still makes quite an impression. It has a bit of an old-fashioned feel to it, but older names are becoming much more popular now.

Lila – An Arabic name that means “night,” Lila is a beautiful name that isn’t heard often.


Winston – I have a very good friend whose name is Winston, and it always makes me think of a very strong and confident person.

Arlo – The Good Dinosaur is one of my children’s favorite movies, and it plays on repeat rather often. The main character’s name is Arlo, so perhaps that’s why this name has stuck with me.

Silas – I’m hearing this name more and more now, and I really do love its uniqueness.

Henry – A classic name that is very strong and traditional.

Harry – I have a friend who just named her baby Harry, and I love its classic feel.

Everett – A name that means “brave as a wild boar.” It is a very preppy name that I’ve come to really like.

Kian – A unique Irish name that’s on the bottom of the top 100 list.

Sebastian – Another favorite Disney name. How can any fan of The Little Mermaid not love this name?

Finn – A short and simple Irish name that means “fair or white.”

Julian – This has always been a favorite boy name of mine because one of my daughter’s best friends growing up was Julian, and he was such a sweet and thoughtful little boy.

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