Morning Snuggles with My Baby Are the Best

Now with M in preschool five days a week for a few hours, that leaves me alone with Little L. I’ve actually never been truly alone with her — it’s rare occasion and when I do get the chance, I give her my absolute full attention. I feel like I can’t give her enough of me, and I do feel a bit guilty. So when we do have moments alone, I cuddle and kiss her as much as I can.


I simply cannot get enough of her and she can’t get enough of me. When I’m out of the room, she looks for me — and when I come back into the room, she instantly puts her arms up to be held or props herself up and starts bouncing up and down.

Last week, we were supposed to head out to run errands. But somehow she and I were content, sitting on our front porch and being warmed by the bright morning sun despite it being a cool and crisp fall day. So we sat. And enjoyed each other. She had her bottle, she snuggled up against me and we watched squirrels run up and down the trees, birds fly by and we made funny faces. Her small, damp hands felt their way around my face and I nibbled on her fingers. She yanked my hair, but that’s part of the deal! We were both super relaxed and I wasn’t thinking about anything but her.

In fact, we were so relaxed that she did an extra big caca. So big, I had to give her a bath and do laundry on the spot. And then the relaxed mode ended. But caca and all, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Morning snuggles with my baby are the best!

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