Mommy, What Are These Furry, Purry Things?

Now that Judah is seven months, he’s been exploring the world around him with such excitement and curiosity. When we first brought him home, our cats got to know our baby but now that he is reaching for everyone and everything, he’s discovered our cats. Judah has been absolutely fascinated by our two cats in the past couple of weeks. You might even say, he’s as curious as a cat!

Our baby has finally discovered our cats… but what do they think of him?

  • Hey Ma, Wazzat?

    Hey Ma, Wazzat?

    Whether he’s sitting down to play or eating his breakfast, if Judah sees the flick of our cat’s tail, he whips his attention span to check out his furry friends.

  • Judah's Older Brothers, Toro and Saba

    Judah's Older Brothers, Toro and Saba

    Our cats are pretty stinkin’ adorable. Toro is our all-ginger tabby on the left and his brother Saba, is the one with the white belly on the right. They’re both brothers we adopted from a shelter as 6-month old kittens.

    (And yes… we named them after sushi.)

  • Ma, He's Sittin' on My Stuff Again.

    Ma, He's Sittin' on My Stuff Again.

    The challenge of having both cats and a baby is that both seem to think their respective toys are actually meant for each other, so we’ll often find Toro or Saba batting around Judah’s toys, while Judah goes to reach for the cat toys!

    A lot of times, we’ll find one or both of the cats just hanging around Judah as he plays, like some feline playtime supervisor.

  • Hey, That Tickles!

    Hey, That Tickles!

    Here is a rare photo of our cat Saba – our resident Scaredy Cat. For a long time, he would only briefly come up to Judah then run away. Lately he’s been taking longer – and closer looks!

  • Hey Ma, He Likes Me!

    Hey Ma, He Likes Me!

    Judah lights up when he sees the cats running by chasing each other, or circling Mommy and Daddy’s legs. He’s just so fascinated by these furry, purry things that seem to have a mind of their own.

  • Hey, Hold Still!

    Hey, Hold Still!

    If our cats come close enough, Judah will reach out to pet them. He’s still too young to really understand “gentle” but our cats seem to know that he’s a much smaller version of us and haven’t hissed, bitten, or taken a swipe at him (which, to be fair – our cats rarely do to begin with). So “petting” right now is more like “grab a clump of fur” – but Judah is learning from an early age how to interact with his furry brothers.

  • Here, Kitty Kitty!

    Here, Kitty Kitty!

    Looks like Judah is already learning how to share – or at least play “Ring Around the Cat.”

  • I Like This New Toy!

    I Like This New Toy!

    It’s so awesome to hear the giggles and see the smiles when Judah catches sight of the cats. We can’t wait for them to start snuggling up to him as he gets older and starts sitting more independently – and it won’t be long before he’s chasing them around the house!

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