These Are the Moments That Fill My Everyday with Joy as a Mom

As a mom, I sometimes get stuck complaining a bit about the everyday tasks I must complete. It feels like I’m always feeding SOMEONE, have a pile of laundry that never ends, and I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something any time I leave the house.

Recently though, I’ve decided to change my outlook on things and try to make even the smallest tasks more exciting and filled with joy. And I’ve discovered there are a lot of ways to turn the regular tasks into magical moments with my little guys.


breakfastMaking Breakfast Together

Letting my kids help me isn’t always the easiest choice because I know it can make a task take twice as long. So recently, I’ve woken them up 30 minutes earlier than normal, so they can help me crack the eggs for their breakfast. KJ has always loved helping me in the kitchen and this teaches them how to be independent one day. It may take longer and be messier, but it’s created some magical moments between us. There may be a few eggshells in the eggs, but it’s worth it!

Letting Them Paint

We recently moved into a new home and we’ve been busy painting all the walls and trim and ceilings… it’s neverending. My boys always want to help me, but obviously I have to be very specific about how the house is painted — especially the trim the runs right along our new woods floors! So to help my boys feel that they’re included in the creativity, I let them use washable paint to create some artwork for their room. We can let these dry and frame them and put them up on their walls! If you’re concerned about them getting paint on their clothes, think about getting them some awesome, sleeved bibs. Cheap decor + happy kiddos = Mom win!

dinnertimeHaving Dinner as a Family

A lot of times, I don’t even get to sit down for meals. I’m up making multiple plates or cleaning spills or filling up sippy cups. Every once in a while though, I get to enjoy an entire meal with my little ones and my fiancé. I love how my fiancé Josiah is teaching Bentley how to eat edamame in this picture (left). (Although I do love a good highchair for my kiddos, I also think it’s okay to let them sit in your lap from time to time. Let dinnertime be a special moment for your family.)

Taking My Little Boys Out

The other night, we went to eat dinner at a local restaurant — just my two boys and I. It was a little hectic having two toddlers at the table with just one adult, trying to get them to eat all their food and not crawl under the table or yell in excitement about the mac ‘n’ cheese. (And I quote: “MOMMMMYY!!! I loooooove this macawoni am cheeeeese!”) It was neat though to get to eat as a small family, just me and the kids. We don’t do that very often.

When we got outside, there was a large landscaped area with a bunch of grass. The sun was setting beautifully behind us and I decided to just let them boys run around and roll in the grass instead of leaving right away. You would have thought I had just given my kids the keys to Disneyland. They loved having some extra time to just be boys and to enjoy some outdoor time. It was adorable watching them run around and play, and I didn’t even have to drive them to a park!

graduationGoing to Special Events

My sister-in-law graduated from high school in May, and it was so great to see her walk that stage. She was fostered by my in-laws and has come such a long way in her 18 years of life. Not to mention, she’s a great babysitter and my boys adore her. At the graduation, they played the national anthem and recited the pledge of allegiance. It was a great opportunity to teach my boys about those who sacrifice for our freedom. My mother-in-law snapped this picture of us (at right) and I just love the symbolism. I’m going to print it in black and white and frame it.

The great news is that it doesn’t take much to create magical moments with your little ones. Mainly, they just want your attention solely on them. Try to find regular moments throughout the day where you can really just focus on them and not worry so much about messes or the clock. You won’t regret it. I promise!

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