Mom Blog to Read: Cloudy Day Gray

I’ve been a faithful blog reader for six years, but it’s been a while since a mommy blog has hooked me in as much as Cloudy Day Gray has. Written by Kelly, a mom of two, she shares beautiful photos and relatable moments from the everyday of being a mom. Her honesty and optimism is refreshing and inspiring. Probably the most inspiring part of the entire blog is the story of her 10-month-old daughter Matilda, pictured below. Why? Well…

At a mere six weeks old, Matilda received a liver transplant that saved her life. Kelly recalls the experience in her weekly posts, and her thoughtful reflection and details will bring you to tears. But like Kelly says, “We have had a few cloudy days, but our life is anything but gray.”

Read more about Kelly and her family on Cloudy Day Gray.

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