Modern Hispanic Fathers

In years past Hispanic fathers were very “machismo.” They didn’t rock babies or change diapers or do much of anything around the house at all. Many Hispanic fathers were a little rough around the edges and not very warm towards their children. Slowly over the past 20-30 years this in changing. Latino men are realizing what they’re missing out on and want to be more involved with their kids. 


With many women choosing to enter the workforce it’s no wonder that fathers are getting more involved. They must share in all the responsibilities in order to survive. I think many men started helping out a little reluctantly. They weren’t sure they really wanted to do this; after all, their own fathers never did. But I think over time they soon realized how rewarding it all is and how important it is to be present.

Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see Hispanic fathers embracing all the nitty gritty stuff of raising kids. I look at my own husband in awe as he shares in all the responsibilities of childrearing. He doesn’t blink an eye at a dirty diaper. He gets up with the baby at night when she is inconsolable. He relishes spending time alone with the kids. He, along with many other Latino dads, are breaking the stereotypes of cold or absent Hispanic fathers.

Times are changing and as a whole we are better for it. The children are especially thankful for the wonderful men they get to call “dad.”

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