Minnie Mouse Butterfly Charm Set: Decorating Tips

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Butterfly Charm 4-piece Crib Bedding Set for free.

I have to admit that decorating hasn’t always been my strength. My husband is the one who is good at it (yes, I can admit that). But when I received the Minnie Mouse Butterfly Charm Bedding Set, it gave me some inspiration for my daughter’s bedroom and I am so grateful. Allowing me to incorporate a number of colors without going overboard, this bedding set offers some wonderful decorating options.

Here are a few decorating tips that I think will help you create a beautiful space for your little one with the Minnie Mouse Butterfly Charm Bedding Set. It will leave your little girl with a gorgeous room and some very sweet dreams.

1. Colors. One of the fabulous things about this bedding set is how it looks wonderful with a number of paint colors. In my opinion your best bets are shades of blue (as seen in the image above), pink, green, and gray. My family decided to go with gray since Jada may jump from loving Minnie to adoring Ariel in a few years. Gray gives us a bit more freedom.


2. Walls. Once you’ve painted, your walls offer up space to personalize the room with framed artwork, pictures of your family, individual pictures of your baby, and wall decals that match your theme. We’ve recently discovered the cutest butterfly wall decals (shown above) that look great with the bedding set and make our little girl smile every time she sees them.

3. Surfaces. The set comes with the cutest Minnie Mouse doll that my daughter takes everywhere (she is kissing Minnie in the picture above). We’ve decided to take that doll, and a few other Minnie Mouse dolls she owns, to create a charming little “Minnie space” in the corner of her dresser. She can choose which Minnie she wants to sleep with that night, and the rest brighten up the room.

4. Storage. I love storage containers. I think they are necessary and I also think they can be a lot of fun. With this theme you can brighten up your daughter’s space with storage containers that come in a number of color and use them for day-to-day items like books and toys.

5. Curtains. For curtains I would suggest something light and airy. If that is not possible because you need blackout curtains to aid with sleeping, I think pink or green would look lovely with this set.  We felt like we needed blackout curtains and we chose green. I also think the right curtain rod is critical and the sparkly rod above is what went with.

Happy Decorating!

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