3 Things We Did to Help Him Start Sitting Up

So it took a little while, but Beck is finally sitting up!

He’s still a little wobbly, mostly because he gets excited about something and starts waving his arms frantically forgetting how to balance, but he’s getting stronger every day.


Here are a few things we did to help him learn how to sit up by himself:

1. Daily practice. Just like how you’re advised to practice tummy time, sitting up time is important too. I started with helping him place his hands in front of him. It would usually end with him resting his chest on his legs but he progressively got better. I found that the laundry basket is good place for practice, because they can balance themselves on the sides or sit back for support.

2. Placing a toy at about eye level. Our play gym has been perfect, since he reaches out to grab the toys and balances himself while he plays.

3. Holding him sitting up and facing out on my lap. In between your legs is the perfect place for Baby’s little bottom to sink into for help sitting up.

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