The First Time He Called Me “Mama”

I have something to admit. I’ve read very few parenting/baby books. I’ve attempted to and then I get distracted by something shiny in the corner. I kind of figure things will happen when they happen and if I have questions, I can look them up or ask the pediatrician.

baby milestonesBecause of this, I’m not really sure when certain milestones are supposed to occur, so last week when Beck and I were crafting, I was surprised to hear his chatter turn into a recognizable word — Mama.

I may have started crying then
called anybody I could think of who would care. Yes, it was very much a first child thing of me to do, and I know he doesn’t know that he’s actually saying a word, but that didn’t stop my heart from swelling with joy. It really is the sweetest sound in the world.

I think my husband is ready for him to start saying Dada now!

card from Milestone Baby Cards

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