You’ll Never Guess Where He Decided to Take His First Steps

He did it! Little scooter has finally decided moving on two limbs isn’t so bad. At least for a few seconds. Then it’s back to the right arm, body launching, bum scoot across the floor.

This photo of glee was taken just a few moments after he took his first steps in a somewhat unusual place.

We were actually waiting at the airport in Paris when Beck decided to make his walking debut. Maybe it was the fact that he was finally out of the stroller or that the floor was smooth and not the cobblestone streets, but he decided to stand up and give it a go.

After we cheered for him, he thought it was great fun to try it over and over again, with lots of falls taking place. He’s still very wobbly and will be scooting primarily for a while longer, but he’s on track. And that’s saying a lot for a kid who prefers to put his legs in a parallel to the floor position over putting his feet down. What a goof.

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