Mike and Sulley: Disney Baby Items Featuring the Monster Pals

This summer, we started having weekly movie nights with our toddler. Although she looks forward to it all week long, I’ve rather suspected her interest had more to do with the treats than the movie itself.

Until we watched Monsters, Inc.

She was fascinated, and has continued to talk about it for weeks since we watched it.

I thought she’d most love Boo, but surprisingly, all her talk about the movie has been about the two monster friends, Mike and Sulley. She asks about them constantly: “Who is that guy with one big eye?” or “That blue monster wasn’t REALLY mean and scary, was he? He’s actually nice.”

I can’t blame her — those two are funny and memorable, not to mention brightly colored!

You can only imagine how delighted she was by the collection of Disney Baby products featuring these two pals (when I was clicking through them, she looked over my shoulder and said, “Hey! I know those guys!”). Here are some of our favorites:

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