Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mini Diaper Bags

With the transition into toddlerhood came the realization that when it comes to baby gear less is more. Gone are the days of filling a diaper bag with countless items that I deemed necessities. Some of them essentials and some of them my tendency to over pack, as a result of the many “what ifs” I dreamt up before heading out the door.

These days I’m reaching for my diaper bag less and less. Sometimes I take my little one’s toddler backpack, other times a small tote filled with my things and her things. Even so, I would like to have a designated bag for going on adventures and running errands. One option — a smaller sized diaper bag. Take a look at two mini sized diaper bags featuring Disney favorites:

Toddler mamas, did you make a transition to a smaller sized diaper bag?

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