Maybe Princesses Aren’t So Bad After All

I used to be so opposed to pink and princesses and all of that girly-girl stuff. I’m really not even sure why. Maybe because it seemed too mainstream or too ordinary. Maybe because I didn’t want my girls to focus too much on physical beauty or being rich. Maybe because I didn’t want them to feel a need to be rescued by a Prince Charming. Surely, my daughters would be different. They’d be unique and strong, independent and smart. They’d be funny and loyal, hard workers and dreamers. And then I came across this video

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I realized that princesses, too can be brave and strong and independent and smart and all the things I knew my girls could be, all the things they are. I realized that all of that “princess stuff” was more about make believe and imagination. I[youtube url=””]t was more about doing what is right and following your dreams.

We recently bought the movie Brave for my two year-old, Adair. And Merida, the princess in the movie, is exactly the kind of princess my girls long to be – brave, smart, adventurous, independent, loyal, and world-changing. So maybe princesses aren’t so bad after all. In fact, maybe they’re pretty amazing…
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