On Remembering to Slow Down

We were walking somewhere that I don’t even remember. I asked Liam to hold my hand so I could hurry him along. I wanted to just reach our destination. I’m not sure why I was in such a hurry, but it seems like we often are, aren’t we?

Liam spoke up, “Mami, slow down! You’re walking too fast for me.” My poor sweet boy with his little toddler legs was struggling to keep my pace.

“Sorry, bud.” I slowed down, and then realized how often I’m rushing through life instead of just appreciating where I’m at. I even sometimes try to rush my kids along instead of enjoying whatever stage they’re currently in.


Right now my daughter is 15 months old and hasn’t started walking yet. I can’t lie; I’m a little frustrated. My son started walking when he was 14 months and it was glorious. I’m one of those moms who really looks forward to walking stage. I think it’s great. But for whatever reason, Isabel just isn’t there yet. She’s pretty mobile despite not being able to walk. She crawls and scoots and climbs. She’s pretty independent and always gets to where she needs to go with no help at all. But I’ve been trying to rush her along to reach that next milestone instead of slowing down and enjoying her last bit of baby-ness.

All of us mothers needs to just slow down and enjoy today instead of always looking forward to the next big thing. When we slow down, we will be able to notice the beauty that surrounds us. We will see things the way our kids see them. Remember to slow down, mami. Enjoy life.

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