My Favorite Mama and Son Photos

Aiden made me a mama.

He is my firstborn! I have experienced countless firsts with this sweet boy, and on top of that, the sweet, special bond between mama and son. It is beautiful and precious, in my opinion.

My sweet boy is three now, but I made a slideshow to give you a glimpse into our journey and relationship.

  • mama & son

    Mama and Son

    Here is a peek into my world!
  • first days

    First Days

    Those first days were so precious. We just enjoyed him, rested, and got to know our little one for the first time.

  • college town

    A Trip to Our College Town

    My husband and I both went to the same college and we took Aiden down to Waco for the first time when he was a few months old for a sweet memory! He loved the Baylor bears!

  • crib time

    Crib Time

    When Aiden was small, I used to climb down into his crib sometimes to sit near him!

  • asleep on mama

    Asleep on Mama

    Many times, I would just hold Aiden as he slept. It’s like I didn’t want to put him down, even for a moment!

  • out-take


    For Aiden’s first Christmas pictures, we wanted to snap a shot of him in a stocking! This was a sweet outtake of us stealing a quick hug!

  • tickle me

    Tickle Me!

    Is there anything cuter than tickling your sweet baby and seeing them laugh? I think not! Aiden has always had the most precious smile & laugh!

  • hangin' out

    Hangin' Out

    I was hangin’ out with my sweet boy and he drifted off to sleep along side me! I love knowing he is safe & happy right by Mama!

  • artist

    With Me as an Artist

    As an artist, some of my favorite pictures are with my kiddos in front of my work! So much of my inspiration comes from them, so it’s like worlds colliding!

  • a little artsy

    Getting a Little Artsy

    It will be amazing and special to watch as Aiden grows to see if his love for art & his creativity continue to blossom. Spending time being creative with him every day is priceless to me.

  • bath time

    Bath Time

    We used to occasionally put Aiden in the sink for a quick bath! The sweetest memories! It is hard to imagine sometimes that he was ever that small.

  • road trip

    Road Trip

    We took our first road trip with Aiden when he was 5 months old! It was such a sweet & special trip filled with amazing memories. We drove from Texas to Destin, Florida!

  • rock me

    Rock Me

    I can remember on our beach trip rocking Aiden for hours out by the crashing waves. We would nap under an umbrella with the sun shining all around us. Beach sounds, sunlight and not a care in the world, it was perfect.

  • smile!


    It is the sweetest when they start to smile for pictures! Aiden can melt my heart every time with his sweet smile!

  • on the job

    On the Job

    When Aiden was small I would bring him up to our art studio and wear him on the job! It was the best knowing he was there with me!!

  • hold my hand

    Hold My Hand

    How sweet is this? Aiden holding my husband’s hand as he snapped a picture. Love!

  • matching shirts

    Matching Shirts

    This is the only time in his whole life we have matched! But atleast I have the one time documented! Can you tell I am a proud mama?

  • thankful


    I am so thankful for this little person. He has just grown up before my very eyes!

  • bond


    I see so much of myself in Aiden…. I call him my little “mini me”. It’s amazing the bond created between a mother and her boy.

  • help me mama

    Help Me, Mama

    This is a very candid photo of me helping my little guy. When he is sad or frustrated, I want to be first on the scene to help my little guy.

  • two peas in a pod

    Two Peas in a Pod

    I work from home and so I get to spend all my days with this sweet boy. We are like two peas in a pod, he and I.

  • first Halloween

    First Halloween

    This was Aiden’s first Halloween! My little superman!! His cape was twice as big as he was. This was such a sweet memory, taking him to my parent’s house to trick or treat for the very first time.

  • paint with me

    Paint with Me

    This picture is when I was pregnant with our second child and I was teaching Aiden how to paint a fish. I love sharing my passions with my little guy.

  • baby wearing

    Baby Wearing

    I love to wear my babies! I was able to wear Aiden the longest since he was my first. I just love having them right there with me!

  • at the zoo

    At the Zoo

    Aiden and I love the zoo! Ever since he was teeny tiny he has adored animals and his love for them has never wavered. Taking him to the zoo is such a special memory filled with excitement & wonder!

  • first food

    First Food

    I love that we have all of his firsts documented! I love knowing that I was there for them all, experiencing them with him. This was his first time to try food! He adored it and we made a huge mess!

  • I love you mama

    I Love You, Mama

    I will never ever forget the first time Aiden said that he loved me. We were laughing, having a good time and mid giggle he busts out with, ” aww I love you Mama!”. Melt my heart!

  • teach me

    Teach Me

    I love how Aiden wants me to teach him things. He loves for me to show him and tell him new things constantly.

  • simple moments

    Simple Moments

    I love the simple moments. Just the “real life”, every day moments that take my breath away. Just enjoying a simple lunch with my little guy makes my heart swell.

  • his first birthday

    His First Birthday

    This was my sweet boy’s first birthday! It’s hard to believe this sweet little guy will be FOUR in March!

  • He made me a Mama.

    He Made Me a Mama

    He made me a mama. I got to experience the indescribable love of a mother for the first time with this sweet little guy. What a gift.

  • park days

    Park Days

    We have an amazing park near our home. Walking down with Aiden in the wagon has always been a sweet, special memory for us. We feed the ducks and play all afternoon!

  • glowing


    I am always glowing when I am with this little person or anytime I have the opportunity to talk about him! I am so thankful and so proud to be his mother!

  • throw the ball

    Throw the Ball

    How cute is little Aiden throwing his ball? I was pregnant with Ainsleigh in the hot summer months and so it seems like we were always at the pool or the park to get out of the house!

  • 4th of July parade

    4th of July Parade

    It is a family tradition for us to go every year to our local 4th of July parade. It is an absolute blast and such a sweet memory! The little boys love the huge fire trucks!

  • always smiling

    Always Smiling

    As I look back through pictures on my journey as a mama to Aiden, I am always smiling! I couldn’t wipe it off if I tried!

  • share with me

    Share with Me

    I want my babies to experience life with me. I want to share my joys and my gifts and my passions, even starting at a tiny age.

  • love


    I love going to the pool and to the local fountains with my sweet Aiden in the summertime. It is so sweet and precious to see him play and to share a snow cone with my favorite boy.

  • years later

    Years Later

    Years later and he still holds on. Be still my heart.

  • by your side

    By Your Side

    I love that Aiden is always by my side. He loves to stay close. This was at an egg hunt this past year. Look at him all grown up!

  • a big brother

    A Big Brother

    This was the first time he became a big brother. Such a sweet memory getting to see him in the hospital! He has been the most amazing big brother, now to two sisters!

  • to my Aiden

    To My Aiden

    Aiden, I love and adore you, my boy! You gave purpose to my life that I never knew existed! Love, Mama

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