Making the Transition to a Big Boy Bed


2014 is the year we buy my little boy his own “big boy bed.” I’ve put it off for so long, mostly for the reason featured in the above photograph. Granted, my husband and I don’t have a place to sleep, but that’s what the couch is for, right? After coming home from an exercise class the other day, I walked into our bedroom and saw them sleeping together. I couldn’t bear to move them as they looked so peaceful sleeping together.

My son is lucky to have a very strong bond with his two sisters. They love each other to the moon and back, choosing to be with one another over anything else. When they fall asleep together, I’m transformed into a puddle of mush. MUSH!

We’ve co-slept with our son since he was a newborn and it’s incredibly bittersweet, but the time has come that we move him over to his own bed. Honestly, I think the transition is going to be harder for me than it is for him. We are thinking about a CARS theme as he’s in love with CARS.

Any tips on making the baby to big-boy bed transition?

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