Here’s a Simple Way to Add Magic to Baby’s Nursery

In an effort to add a bit of magic into our daily life, we thought it might be fun to add some glowy stars to our son’s ceiling. He is at that age where he just loves lights and things that glow, and we just got him a little star-projector night light — so we thought we’d add to the fun and let him watch (and help) as we got our glow on…

  • Stick 'em Up!

    Stick 'em Up!

    Our son helped us decide where to put the stars and handed them to us. We let him choose which size of stars would go up next. He loves “helping”. ;)

  • Ceiling Constellations

    Ceiling Constellations

    We didn’t follow any certain pattern but just spaced them out over the crib so that he could see them all while falling asleep.

  • Watch Them Glow!

    Watch Them Glow!

    We charged them up and then let the magic shine by slowly dimming the lights in the room so our son could watch them start to glow….

  • Glow Baby Glow!

    Glow Baby Glow!

    We added our start projector to the glowing stars for a ceiling full of fun.

  • Magical Sky

    Magical Sky

    With the lights off we could really see everything glow, and it looked amazing! Just a bit of magic for our everyday life.

  • His Favorite

    His Favorite

    He loves stars, and lights, and things that glow. So we knew he would love them. And he does! He loves to stare up at them and say “Staaarrrrss!”


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