Make Your Own Yummy Greek Yogurt Melts!

Exploring new foods, tastes, and textures with Judah makes every mealtime an adventure… even snacktime! Judah loves Greek yogurt and since he’s teething, I decided to mix it up a little by making my own frozen Greek yogurt melts. This Greek yogurt melt recipe is much easier to make than I realized and I’ll be batch-making these to have on hand in the freezer for a quick, tasty, wholesome baby anytime snack!

  • A Tasty Treat in Just 30 Minutes!

    A Tasty Treat in Just 30 Minutes!

    Learn how to make these easy, wholesome Greek yogurt drops in just a half hour for a tasty snack your baby will love!

  • Your Ingredients

    Your Ingredients

    Strawberries and Greek yogurt. Yes, it’s really that simple! I used two cups of Greek yogurt: one vanilla and one plain, to add a touch of sweetness.

  • Your Tools

    Your Tools

    An immersion blender, a plastic sandwich bag, scissors, and a baking sheet lined with tin foil.

  • Step 1: Wash & Halve

    Step 1: Wash & Halve

    Wash and halve your strawberries. If they’re particularly large strawberries, you might even want to quarter them.

  • Step 2: Puree

    Step 2: Puree

    Toss your strawberry pieces into your immersion blender cup and go to town. I pureed mine until they were very smooth, but you can leave them chunkier if your child doesn’t mind the texture.

  • Step 3: Blend

    Step 3: Blend

    Add in your yogurt and immersion blend into a smoothie-like consistency.

  • Step 4: Prep Your Bag

    Step 4: Prep Your Bag

    Pour your strawberry yogurt mixture into a sandwich bag as you would to decorate a cake. Snip the tip and…

  • ...Oops.


    …realize that your mixture wasn’t thick enough! You can thicken it back up by adding more yogurt or (next time) using less strawberries. We didn’t have any more yogurt, so I had to improvise.

  • Step 4 (Do Over!): Spoon

    Step 4 (Do Over!): Spoon

    If your mixture is too thin, you can just use a spoon to dip little dots onto your baking sheet. (They’ll end up being more like wafers rather than chips.)

  • Drops of all Sizes

    Drops of all Sizes

    Experiment with different shapes and sizes; they’ll help your baby practice picking snacks up with their fingers!

  • Step 5: Freeze

    Step 5: Freeze

    Put the whole tray into the freezer and let freeze for at least a half hour. Because my mixture was so thin, it didn’t take long for them to freeze at all.

  • The Finished Product

    The Finished Product

    Little frozen Greek yogurt wafers!

  • Step 6: Peel

    Step 6: Peel

    Pop your drops off from the foil. Remember to work quickly: the warmth from your fingers and hands will make them melt!

  • Perfectly Pink

    Perfectly Pink

    They came out a much darker shade of pink then I thought they would after they were frozen. Since a few were starting to melt, I popped them back in the freezer until we were ready for snack time.

  • Well... What Did He Think?

    Well... What Did He Think?

    He loved how easily he could hold the wafers and their cold, soft texture felt great on his gums since he’s teething.

  • A Yummy, Messy Snack!

    A Yummy, Messy Snack!

    Judah loved them! We (yes we, because they’re that tasty) ended up the whole batch at snack time today. Just be sure to have a couple of wipes handy – these yogurt drops turn into a melty, messy snack fast!

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