5 Ways I Take Time for Myself as a New Mom

Being a new mom means my days are full of nursing, changing diapers, cuddling, bathing and playing with Soren. I recently started working again from home and it’s become a balancing act of trying to figure out how to be a wife, mom, homemaker and a business owner, while still keeping my sanity. I’ve submitted to the idea that I can only do what I can do, and that’s okay!

The most important thing to me is my family, and if a handful of to-do’s get pushed to the side, that’s also okay. I’ve been learning the lesson to take advantage of the time I have when Soren is napping to get things done that are a top priority. One of those things is giving myself a little me time and making sure I’m doing things to care for myself so I can be in the best frame of mind and the most refreshed for my family.

Every woman needs a little “love me” time and special moments in their week when they can really treat themselves, even in simple ways. These are the top 5 ways I like to take time to treat myself as a new mom each week.

Savannah and Soren

It’s amazing how something as simple as showering becomes such an amazing stress-relieving time after having a baby. While Jon watches Soren, I’ll take a nice long shower and pamper myself with all of my favorite soaps, shampoos and conditioners. It seriously makes me feel like a new woman!

Nursing Soren has made it difficult to be away from him for any period of time. I recently started pumping and have used that opportunity to get out of the house for a couple of hours while Jon watches the baby. Just a simple hour spent at my favorite shop does wonders at making me feel refreshed, that and sining loudly to the radio in the car. ;)

Going through pregnancy, labor, delivery and the recovery takes a lot out of your body physically and emotionally. I’ve found it so important to make time to talk with my husband, close family and friends about how I’m doing and feeling. It feels so good to cry and laugh with people I trust. I especially love that my best friend is currently pregnant and we can share in that experience together.

I find it very therapeutic to get myself ready, put make-up on and do my hair. Recently this has been a very rare occasion, but when I do, I love taking this time to listen to my favorite music and just be quiet. While I don’t do this everyday, I try to make this time for myself at least 1x each week.

I love taking pictures, reading, collecting inspiration on Pinterest and brainstorming fun ideas for my blog and business among many other things. I try to take a little time each day to do one of these things if possible. I’ve been getting my fill of picture taking while having a newborn, there has been thousands of pictures taken already! I’ve also found it easier and easier to multi-tasking while nursing too.

As a new mom, what are/were some ways you made sure to take time for yourself?

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