How to Make a Nursery Special Even for Baby #3

When I found out five years ago that I was having my first girl, I knew which nursery theme I wanted for her. Eight months later, I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter and was working on moving to a different state. As soon as we settled into a new place, I did not make an effort to choose a different nursery theme for my second daughter. But after that, I was determined that if we had a third child, I would plan a new theme.

Two years later, we found out we were having another girl. One of the things I like when decorating a room is to keep it as simple as possible. I love decals because they are easy to use, so I removed my Parisian-themed decals and moved them to my older girl’s room and replaced them with Minnie Mouse wall decals. These decals made my girls happy since they like Minnie Mouse, and I knew it would connect the older girls to their baby sister immediately.


After my husband reassembled the crib, we placed a few Minnie Mouse dolls that we already had into the crib. Since I still liked the colors I chose for my two other girls, I decided we stay with the same light pink and purple – that way, I could order a new sheet to match the Minnie Mouse theme I liked and that matched with other sheets I already. Since my older girls had their own fun blanket to sleep with, I also wanted our daughter to have her own blanket to call her own.

In addition to the decals, I decided to print out some photos of our family trip to Disney World from a few years back to put on the walls. I wanted to have a room where the older girls would feel welcome as well as a place that would bring all the girls together. I loved how the room quickly came together, especially when the girls decided to contribute by adding their collection of stuffed dolls to the room.

I really had not thought to ask the girls how they would like to contribute, but when I told them I was changing up the baby room with a new theme, they were excited and came through with dolls they loved, because they could at least play in there when the baby played in the crib. It is all about the group effort, and I am glad that I made the effort to create a new space for our new baby girl.

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