Make Nighttime a Little Easier with the Help of Disney Baby

One thing all moms and dads can agree on when it comes to parenting; we all want our babies to sleep well. Whether it be in their own crib or in a co-sleeper right next to you, we all wish for bedtime to be free of crying and stress, because it’s hard on baby and it’s hard on the parents. To help baby settle in for a calmer, more peaceful night of sleep, try some of these ideas and essentials, featuring your favorite Disney characters.

  • Start With A Warm Bath

    While not completely necessary each and every night, a bath right before bedtime is definitely a nice way to calm baby down, and spend some focused one-on-one time together. Use the Daily Renewals line of soaps and shampoos from Disney Baby, with lavender and chamomile scents, shown to help calm and soothe even the wildest of moods.

    Disney Baby Daily Renewals Bath Collection

  • It's A Small World Calming Mist & Calming Oil

    This wonderful skincare line from Basq features a calming mist to spray in baby’s nursery, and an essential oil for light touch and gently soothing baby massages. You can purchase a small gift set featuring the whole line, or buy full-size bottles, either way, it’s a wonderfully gentle way to soothe baby into a calm and comforting sleep.

    It's A Small World Basq Products

  • Swaddle In For A Good Night Sleep

    We’ve always had great success with swaddling all three of our newborns, up to they were young infants. It helped to calm them, almost instantaneously, and mimic the closeness they felt in the womb. These adorable swaddling blankets from Swaddle Design feature your favorite Disney characters, and full instructions to help you swaddle baby, for a snug night’s sleep.

    Swaddle Design Minnie Mouse Blanket

  • Minnie Mouse Lovie

    When your baby starts getting a little bit older and more aware of your presence, and absence at bedtime, a lovie can be a wonderful way to help baby transition into their bed at night. Let them hold it during story time, or when they’re cuddling in for the night, the lovie can help them feel safe and secure. This adorable contemporary Minnie Mouse design features a soft satin edge and flannel backing.

    Minnie Mouse Lovie

  • Cuddly Toys

    Sometimes baby wants more than just a lovie to help ease bedtime woes; a trusted friend is what baby may be looking for. These soft and cuddly plush toys, featuring Nala and Simba, are perfect for small hands and arms to grab, squeeze and pet These cuddly toys are a perfect way to calm baby. Try encouraging your little one to kiss Nala goodnight, and watch her settle into her own little bed of blankets right next to baby’s crib.

    Simba & Nala Cuddly Toys

  • Dreamy Stars Soother

    A perfect little night light, this “Dreamy Stars” soother from Cloud b projects a soft and soothing constellation of stars onto baby’s wall or ceiling. A perfect way to help ease baby into bedtime, and lull to sleep.

    Dream Stars Soother

  • Winnie the Pooh Soother

    Perhaps a little soothing sounds is what your baby may respond best to. Personally, our babies have always loved a dark room, but loved a soothing swooshing sound of a white noise machine. This Winnie the Pooh “Dreamy Sounds” Soother from Cloud b features 3 separate soothing sounds; the melody of “Twinkle twinkle little star”, white noise, and sounds of nature.

    Dreamy Sounds Soother

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