How to Make the Final Stretch of Pregnancy Actually Enjoyable

Every month has an average of 30 days… except the final month of pregnancy, which has 8,739.

OK. So, maybe that final month of pregnancy doesn’t actually have that many days, but it sure does feel like it when you are tired and swollen and uncomfortable. That last month of pregnancy can be pretty miserable for any mama — but having gone through the experience three times now, I can confidently say that I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped to make that final stretch of pregnancy much more enjoyable.

Here are a few ideas to get you started, and good luck! Your little one will be here before you know it.

1. Stay busy.

The first time I was pregnant, I basically just cleared my entire schedule for the month leading up to my due date. I was worried that I would have to cancel on a friend or an appointment, so I just kept everything clear.

But what sounded good on paper ended up being a really terrible idea. I was beyond bored and left with nothing to do but obsess over any and every potential sign of labor. So with my subsequent labors, I decided to do things differently and made sure to fill my time with hair appointments, nail appointments, and dentist appointments, as well as plans to see all my closest friends. I even planned a celebratory dinner on my due date so I wouldn’t feel disappointed if/when it passed. I ended up looking forward to my plans so much, I almost hoped my babies would stay inside a little bit longer!

2. Reward yourself.

Growing a human is hard work and you probably deserve a medal — but since pregnancy medals aren’t an actual thing, find other ways to reward yourself! Get a massage. Indulge in your favorite dessert. Get a blowout. Whatever makes you feel special — enjoy!

3. Get your nest on!


Although you are probably pretty exhausted at this point in your pregnancy, indulging in that nesting instinct will definitely keep you distracted from some of that final-month unpleasantness. Clean all those random surfaces/nooks/crannies that you probably won’t be able to get to once you’re busy with a new babe. OR… even better, hire someone else to nest for you! I splurged and had my house professionally cleaned top to bottom right before my last baby arrived, and it was seriously the best thing ever.

4. Start a project.

Is there a project you’ve pushed to the back burner that you really would like to accomplish? Finish that huge quilt. Paint your basement. KonMari your entire home. Whatever you can think of… do it!

5. Enjoy time with your partner.

Go on a date, watch all your favorite shows, and indulge in all the quality time you can, since it will be more difficult to come by once you are sleep-deprived with a newborn. Connecting with the one you love is always a good way to get the happy vibes flowing.

6. Take in a series.

You probably won’t have the time or attention span for much in the near future, so read all the books (preferably a series you can binge in a short time) or watch all the shows (something with plenty of seasons).

7. Get moving.

I know you’re tired… believe me, I know the feeling well. That said, getting your blood and endorphins pumping is a great mood booster as well as a good way to prepare your body for birth.

8. Rest.

Once you’re done with moving, you should be sure to get plenty of rest. Unfortunately you can’t store up rest and bank it for later – but it’s necessary to calm and clear your mind. Zone out on your favorite movies and TV shows. Listen to your favorite tunes. Do some relaxation yoga. Whatever you can do to stay calm, cool, and collected.

9. Let it go!

I know it is the hardest thing for a pregnant mama to do, but letting go of that due date will make things go by a lot more quickly. Remind yourself that a due date is really just a guess — and your baby will be here before you know it.

10. Soak up the glory of pregnancy.

I will be the first to admit that not every moment of pregnancy is (or needs to be) magical. Pregnancy is hard, exhausting work — but it is also pretty magical when you stop to think about all of the amazing things that are happening inside your body and that you get to be a part of. Don’t forget to take a moment or two to embrace the magic of your glorious, pregnant self. You are a queen!

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