How to Make Bathing a Newborn Fun and Relaxing

My husband and I thought we were done having kids after we had our second baby girl, but things changed when I started hanging with lots of moms who either had newborns or were pregnant. It is really is contagious. All of a sudden I was on the same path as those moms, expecting my third baby. All I could think of was holding a little baby once more.

As I was anticipating the arrival of our little bundle, I started feeling nervous about taking care of such a little human being again, and wondered how I was going to handle the process with two energetic toddlers.

One of the things I was most nervous about was bathing my baby. A newborn just feels so tiny and fragile in my hands. But when it was time to bathe her, I found my baby bathtub as well as the newborn insert. That’s when I started to relax, because I had forgotten about that trusty insert! From that point, I knew everything would be fine.


Also, while I wasn’t sure if our third girl would like the water, I knew that humming to my baby would relax not only her, but also myself, as I bathed her. Humming is great for all babies because it is soothing and distracts them. I notice that my baby girl recognizes my voice, but even more so, she calms down when she hears me singing. When I sing songs to her, it is a variety. I sometimes make up my own tune, sing her a lullaby, or sing her a childhood song my mom used to sing to us.

The other baby item I love using are hooded towels. It is essential to have a towel ready to wrap a baby’s body, because their skin is so sensitive to cold temperatures. The hood keeps the head covered and warm while I dry the baby’s body. This definitely prevents from having the baby throw a fit because they are cold, and makes it easy to make a baby warm and comfortable.

Sometimes, just having your loved one or a friend to oversee a bath can be relaxing, especially if you are a first-time mom. I found myself not being completely prepared at some points and required assistance from my husband. It also is nice to have the daddy be involved in order for there to be a constant connection with the parents’ voices.

The hardest thing for a mom is to feel anxious about reliving the newborn stage, but even bathing can be fun and relaxing with reminders of the process. Bathing a baby should be a memorable experience for the mom, not stressful.

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