How We Make Bath Time a Splashing Success

When Wyatt was younger, I remember bath time being a rather tranquil experience – minus the fantastic squeals of delight. He’d sit in the tub and gently splash around wearing a big smile while we washed his hair and bathed him. He’d find his toys and sit and play and we wouldn’t need to wear galoshes. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Now that he’s nearly two, we’re fortunate we don’t have waves rolling down the hallway.

I’m not sure about your toddler, but it sure seems like our little fish is now more of a whale in the tub. Bath time is now a full blown adventure-worthy of lifeguards as he splishes and splashes around. Whether it’s kicking his legs like in the pool, blowing bubbles face down, or lying on his back and slapping his hands on the water, he’s as active as can be.


In order to keep him from doing back flips in the tub (which I’m convinced he’d try), we’ve taken any number of toys and ideas into the tub. As with most kids, he loves to squirt water everywhere. If it happens to get Mom or Dad wet, even better. These squirtee bath toys are great because they can easily turn into a fun bath time game. We also love using empty shampoo bottles that have a pump on them so he can fill the bottle and squirt the water out.

Our measuring cups have now gone from the kitchen to the bath tub. He loves filling them up and then dumping them over and watching all the water come pouring out. Or using one cup to fill another and then throwing the water into the tub. They’re simple (and durable) toys that help keep him focused on something other than trying to turn the bathroom into a swimming pool.

When it comes to actually cleaning, our Finding Nemo wash mitt is our go-to washcloth which we’ve used since he was a baby. While he’s not a huge fan of the washing, he does love his Nemo. It pairs great with these stackable Finding Nemo toys to help keep him engaged and active with something other than the water itself.

With as much as he LOVES the water, getting him out and ready for bed is a whole other issue. We start giving him a countdown to let him know how much time he has left. While he seldom wants to get out once his time is up, we’ve found it’s a big help to settle the tantrums. He knows it’s coming and doesn’t throw as big of a fit. Then it’s off to bed, where I have no doubt he’s dreaming about just how much fun his next bath will be.

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