How to Make a Piñata for Baby’s First Birthday

When my daughter turned one, I really wanted to make her a piñata. I wanted it to be a big number “one” and match the colors of her party. By making it myself, I could really customize it to be exactly what I wanted it to be. Try it! How special would it be to be able tell your little one you made it for them when they get older?

Here are some easy step-by-step instructions for how to make your own piñata…

  • D.I.Y Birthday Pinata

    DIY Birthday Pinata

    Be a party hero by making this easy diy piñata for your little one’s birthday party.

  • Cut Your Cardboard

    Cut Your Cardboard

    You can either free hand a large number 1 or you can print one out on the computer to copy. Cut out the cardboard for the front, back and side pieces.

  • Duck Tape!

    Duct Tape!

    Use duct tape to tape all the sides together to create a 3D form of the number.

  • Candy Time

    Candy Time

    Leave one section open to be able to fill with candy.

  • Tissue Paper

    Tissue Paper

    Take your tissue paper, cut it into long strips and the cut fringe down the side. This will be what you use to cover the entire pinata.

  • The Final Step

    The Final Step

    Use a glue gun and starting at the bottom, glue the strips of fringe down. Make sure to layer the colors your chose as you go. Keep working around all sides of the number.

  • Have Fun!

    Have Fun!

    Once it is all done- it’s time to have fun! String it up and let the bat fly. It will surely be the hit of the party.

  • Party Time!

    Party Time!


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