7 Reasons Babies Are Magical

Yesterday I held a friend’s plump baby boy on my lap and tried to make him laugh. It wasn’t hard. I played peekaboo, made funny faces, and sang silly songs. There were others in the room but I had no shame.

There’s just something so magical about babies that we lose all sense of propriety and decorum. Manners and maturity go out the window when there’s a baby around.

We sniff their heads. Blow raspberries on their chubby tummies. Threaten to eat their little toes and gobble up their perfect cheeks.

My theory is that babies have magical powers. They may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or stop time in its tracks, but there’s no doubt about it: They’re experts at casting spells of love.

  • The Baby Head Sniff

    The Baby Head Sniff

    No mother can resist sniffing her newborn’s head. There’s something so magical about holding your little one, nuzzling in close, and getting a whiff of that sweet baby smell! Heavenly.

  • Luscious Rolls and Fabulous Folds

    Luscious Rolls and Fabulous Folds

    Whether your baby’s slim and trim or on the chubby side, it won’t take long to find a baby roll. Check on their legs, upper arms, or even on the back of their necks!
    Photo Credit: I Should be Folding Laundry/Flickr

  • The Magical Baby Smell

    The Magical Baby Smell

    Ahh…there’s nothing like the smell of a newborn. After bath time, before bed…it doesn’t matter! It’s the sweetest smell in the world.

  • The Curve of Their Backs

    The Curve of Their Backs

    I remember holding my newborn son and realizing that the curve of his back was the same shape of my pregnant belly. I thought of him curled up inside me, all cozy and warm, and I have to admit that I was sad when he finally stretched out to sleep.

  • Their Little Coos and Squeaks

    Their Little Coos and Squeaks

    Babies make the sweetest sounds. The little coos and squeaks while they nurse were always my favorite.

  • The Clenched Baby Fist

    The Clenched Baby Fist

    I love the way newborns clench their little baby fists. Baby power!
    Photo Credit: A History of Architecture/Flickr

  • Stork Bites and Angel Kisses

    Stork Bites and Angel Kisses

    There are many types of birthmarks and they usually fade quickly. Enjoy these little “angel kisses” while they’re there!
    Photo Credit:Jessicizer/Flickr

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