Magical Moments with Her Prince Charming

My dad wasn’t a significant part of my life. Fortunately, I have no unresolved issues about it. It’s just a fact of my life. But, because of that experience, I am in awe of the relationship I see developing between my little angel and her dad. Their connection seems magical, and I can only imagine years filled with tender moments and exciting experiences ahead.

My husband always thought he would only have girls. To his surprise, our first child was a boy. He was ecstatic because had his boy. A couple of years later, when I was pregnant again, I could tell that he was secretly hoping for a little girl. He wanted someone to spoil and enjoy special moments with. He got his wish and our little girl, Jada, came into our lives.

As Jada grows and finds her way in the world, I want her to have no doubts about how any man in her life should treat her. I know she will learn those lessons from her very first love – her dad. How fitting that my little princess is learning how she should be treated from her first prince charming.

When my husband comes home from work and opens the door, Jada drops whatever she is doing and runs to him. She wants to be the first one to greet dad with a hug and kiss. I watch them giggle and it warms my heart. I’m so grateful for what they have.


So, what does Jada enjoy doing with her prince charming? The list is long. You see, what’s so magical about their relationship is the connection they have and how they seem to enjoy the simplest moments together. If jada is sick, I can enter her room in the morning and find her peacefully sleeping on her dad’s chest. If she falls and hurts herself, he is often the one who comforts her and kisses the boo-boo away.

Through his patience, his sense of humor, and his kindness, he is beginning to show her the qualities she will seek in her prince charming years down the line. His playfulness and ability to comfort her give my daughter a chance to see what it truly means to be loved and cared for by someone who deserve her love.

Football games and Disney movies lie ahead (I somehow see these being two of their favorite things to do together). Practicing for dance recitals while dad manages the music (or does a few moves in a tutu) is probably likely to happen. Conversations over hot chocolate about dating, careers, and all things important will be a part of what continues to strengthen their relationship over the years.

How happy I am that my daughter has found her first prince charming as she begins to navigate this world. What she shares with her dad is amazing. It lets me know that as she moves through the world, she will always recognize when (and why) a relationship is magical. I find comfort in knowing that she’ll be able to easily recognize when a prince enters her life because she’s always had one by her side.

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