Magical Moments of Fatherhood: Meeting Daddy at the Train Station

Now that our son Judah is here, we’re all finding our way together as a brand new family of three. As nervous as we were about my husband returning to work after two weeks home, we now welcome a new, joyous part of our family routine: meeting Daddy at the train station!

When I was pregnant, Larry had mentioned to me one night after he’d gotten home from work that he had the best daydream on the train ride home. (My husband commutes via train into Boston each day since we only live about a mile from the commuter rail station.) He told me, “I can’t wait until Judah gets here so you two can meet me at the train station when I get home. And I can’t wait until he’s old enough where I can carry him on my shoulders the whole walk back to the house.”

Larry’s musing brought a huge smile to my face and was a glimpse of the awesome father I knew he was going to be. Yesterday, we made that little daydream a reality.


It had been an exhausting day. It was my first day with Judah by myself in over two weeks and he was especially fussy, bordering on the inconsolable for several hours that afternoon. With more than an hour until Larry’s train would leave from North Station in Boston, I started the process of getting me and baby ready. (If there’s one thing I’ve learned since bringing Judah home, it’s that I now have to start getting both of us ready MUCH earlier in advance if I hope to ever get anywhere on time.)

Once I got him settled into the stroller and moving, he finally calmed down. The weather has been insufferably hot the past few days but thankfully, the temperature was manageable, just humid. It was a long, bumpy walk: living in a colonial-era city makes for some very bumpy brick walkways that didn’t play so nice with our stroller. Still, it was wonderful to get out of the house and into the sunshine.

As I made my way to the station, Judah slept. That didn’t stop me from pointing out all the landmarks along the way: the comic book shop, my favorite cafe, the famous Salem Witch House. As we walked, I realized that as Judah gets older, I’m going to have to build in more time for him to stop at some of these places along the way, like the ice cream shop and the hot dog joint.

We got to the top of the long staircase down to the station platform. Unable to navigate the stroller down the steps, we waited at the top. I was on the lookout for Larry’s bright blue checked shirt and there it was. I waved; he waved back with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen. At long last, we finally made one of his most anticipated magical moments of fatherhood come true.

And now, in just a little over an hour, I get to do it all over again… and every day from here on out.

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