Magical Moments from Macks’ Third Month

Macks continues to get so much more interactive as he gets older. The many photos of I have of him sleeping these first few months are now a thing of the past. Now most of our days are spent talking baby talk and smiling. I love taking Macks outside to see the joy that he gets on his face as he discovers the tall buildings and bright lights. At three months, he’s finally starting to take notice of the world around him and I love capturing all of it with my camera to preserve those memories.

This month was filled with so many magical moments with Macks. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Three Months Old

    Three Months Old

    Our monthly photo shoot is one of the things that I look forward to each month. He continues to get more and more expressive and always loves having his arms stretched out.

  • Sister Love

    Sister Love

    I had both Macks and Avery sitting on my lap and Avery grabbed his hand to hold it. They sat like this for at least five minutes. It was definitely one of the sweetest moments between both of them.

  • Happy Baby

    Happy Baby

    Although he loves to be held most of the time, there are moments when I can put him down and he is so happy just to sit and look around to discover what’s around him.

  • Lots of Laughs

    Lots of Laughs

    Macks started laughing at two months and it was shortly after he started to smile. This was much earlier than the girls laughed. Now all we try to do is see what funny things we can do to make him giggle.

  • No Nap Day

    No Nap Day

    We are still getting used to daytime naps, and while he doesn’t enjoy them that much, I do love the extra time I get to cuddle with him when he doesn’t nap.

  • Sleepy Boy

    Sleepy Boy

    I could stare at this little one for hours after he goes to bed each night. He’s so peaceful when he sleeps.

  • Morning Smiles

    Morning Smiles

    One thing I love about Macks is just how happy he is when he wakes up each morning. I go and get him and the first thing he does is gives me the biggest smile. It’s such a sweet moment.

  • Bath Time

    Bath Time

    Neither one of my girls loves bath time as much as Macks does. He is the happiest when he is sitting in his bath and kicking his legs. You can see the pure joy in his face after the bath is over.

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