Magical Moments from Macks’ Sixth Month

Macks is six months old! This month brought so many favorite moments for me. I’m watching as Macks is forming his own little personality. He loves to be held, entertained by his sisters, and is just starting to figure out how to be mobile. I’m treasuring these last few bits of summer that I have with all three of my children before two of them go off to school. I know that Macks will miss having them around during the day because he has really loved all of the things that they do to make him laugh. Most of my best memories of this month are with Macks and his sisters playing with one another. Check out some of my favorite moments from Macks’ sixth month! 

  • Six Months

    Six Months

    Our monthly photo sessions are becoming harder because Macks won’t stop moving. But I love the way that I can see how he’s grown each month.

  • A Day for Us

    A Day for Us

    Macks and I spent a day in the city, just the two of us. It was so very special to get that alone time with him, because I don’t get it very often. On the train ride home, he was so excited just to sit on my lap and play.

  • Bedtime Story

    Bedtime Story

    I love reading to Macks before he goes to bed. Most of the time, he is more interested in chewing on the book, but it’s still fun for us to get that time together.

  • Beach Bum

    Beach Bum

    We’ve been at the beach all summer long, and this is the first time that he’s fallen asleep while we were there. He must have had too much fun playing in the sand.

  • Fun with His Sisters

    Fun with His Sisters

    This is what happens when you have two older sisters. He didn’t mind a bit, and had so much fun playing with them.

  • Play Day

    Play Day

    While my husband took the girls to a movie, Macks and I sat and played at home. We had the music on, and I just rolled around on the ground with him. It was so much fun.

  • Swing


    Macks went in the swing for the first time this month and had so much fun! I love that now he can be involved on the playground.

  • Aquarium


    We has Macks’ first visit to the aquarium this month. He loved it and was so mesmerized by all of the fish. I see many visits in our future.

  • Macks and Molly

    Macks and Molly

    Macks had the chance to meet Molly Sims this month. I told him he would thank me for this picture later on in life.

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