Magical Moments from Macks’ Second Month

Macks is two months old! This month has flown by, and Macks is getting bigger by the day. Although I have two other children, I am constantly amazed at how many milestones Macks made this month. He is smiling, laughing, and engaging with his sisters. It’s so sweet to see them talk to him and see him react with a big smile on his face. I think watching their relationship grow this month has been one of my favorite things.

We also traveled with him for the first time to Florida and North Carolina. He did great on the plane and in the car. Proof that he is learning to love travel just as much as we do!

With all the growth that he’s done this month, I’ve tried to capture most of it on camera. I wanted to share some of my favorite moments with you. 

  • Macks is Two Months Old!

    Macks is Two Months Old!

    He smiled for our monthly photo session! I was so happy. He’s grown so much this month.

  • First Smile

    First Smile

    We celebrated his first smile this month! Of course he wouldn’t do it for the camera.

  • Sunbathing


    We took a trip to Florida to visit my parents, and Macks enjoyed the Florida sunshine. It was a nice break from all of our snowy weather here in NYC.

  • Sick Cuddle Boy

    Sick Cuddle Boy

    Macks got sick for the first time this month. As heartbreaking as it was for me, it was also nice to get the extra cuddle time.

  • Posing for the Camera

    Posing for the Camera

    I love the little poses he does so much that I have to capture every single one of them on camera.

  • Smile


    Finally caught him smiling on camera!

  • Cuddling with Me

    Cuddling with Me

    Friday nights are extra special for us because I spend a little bit of extra time cuddling with him before I put him to bed.

  • Finding His Hands

    Finding His Hands

    He just recently found his hands, and his favorite thing to do is suck on them.

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